What is an incentive event or incentive travels?

Who have not heard of it? Incentive events or incentive travels are something we all have catches up at some point in our lives. But what exactly is it and who is using it? To gain some further insights we first have to find out more about the word incentive itself. 

The word “incentivus” comes from the Latin language and means, “That strikes up” or “Sets the tune”. In other relations, it also had the meaning of “setting it on fire”. That would probably be the best equivalent of the modern “cheering on”. Seeing the word incentive in the modern business world often comes with the topic of employee motivation and employee rewarding. To keep it short, incentive events and incentive travels are a unique and rewarding way to give something back to your employees that they will remember for a lifetime.

However, why would you reward your employees? The main reason to do so is internal motivation. Right after a very exhausting job or an upcoming big project that requires lots of extra work, rewards can help to rebuild ambitions. In addition, loyalty and group dynamics are strengthened throughout such an event. Many people in leading positions ask themselves if there is a real benefit such an event has on their employee’s performance. The answer is simple – YES, it has! It is scientifically proven that an intangible reward, which encourages employees to interact with each other, has a bigger long-term impact on the employee’s performance than just giving out gifts. Monetary gifts are forgotten fast and do not have a long term influence on performance. Furthermore, an investment like this will not improve internal communication or team building in any way. Your employees will be happy for a short time and afterwards the rewarding effect slowly vanishes from their minds. With an incentive event, your employees will take home a once-in-a-lifetime memory that they will always associate with their team and working environment. Incentive travels often include activities in which the whole group participates together in a harmonious set up or against each other in a competitive one. The interaction between team members is the key and guarantees a better group dynamic for the future.

However, there are thousands of other options of what you could do with your group in Ireland. Boat tours, whiskey tastings, distillery tours or just a guided tour through Dublin’s biggest brewery, everything is possible in one of Ireland’s most vibrant cities.

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